A pilot study testing the feasibility of skin temperature monitoring to reduce recurrent foot ulcers in patients with diabetes – a randomized controlled trial – biomedcentral.com

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The moderating role of smoking amount per day on the relations between anxiety sensitivity, smoking dependence, and cognitive–affective aspects of smoking among treatment seeking smokers – www.sciencedirect.com

The current study examined the moderating effects of smoking amount per day on the relation between anxiety sensitivity and nicotine dependence, cigarette smoking outcome expectancies, and reasons for quitting smoking


Coronary Artery Disease Ups Risk of Bowel Bleeds With NSAIDs – nursingcenter.com

Patients with coronary artery disease are at higher risk of small bowel bleeding (SBB) when taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), according to research published online July 6 in the Journal

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Meditation may help reduce smoking – latimes.com

Meditating just a modest amount may help curb cigarette smoking, even in smokers who don’t intend to quit